Call In Show Saturday: How Can Librarians Help People Bridge The Digital Divide

Join us for another LISNews live LISNews experiment. This Saturday(4/19) at 10am Eastern Time we'll be doing a live show taping for the LISNews Podcast, LISTen. Technology columnist Don Reisinger will be joining us to talk about technology issues and how librarians might help people bridge the digital divide. To join us you will need a reasonably fast Internet connection. The show will stream live via UStream.TV. The session can be seen at More details can be found below the fold. On UStream.TV it is possible to communicate using the chat function. Questions from the audience can be pitched via chat. Questions must be courteous and must be signed. Questions will be chosen at the host's discretion and judgment to be posed to the guest this week. Questions recorded as MP3 files can also be uploaded for consideration. Audio files submitted must have clear verbal identification recorded. The way to upload such files is to use the tool below: simple private sharing
Another way to submit a recorded question or statement would be to call 646-495-9201 and then input extension 61340 to leave a message. Calls to that number give us MP3 files to work with. Questions can be submitted in writing in advance by using the fax coversheet found at See ya Saturday!


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