Stop By Booth #113 If You're Heading To PLA


LISNews author "birdie" (aka Robin K. Blum) has a booth at PLA this year. Stop in and have a look at Her IN MY BOOK cards. The cards have been acclaimed in the press (Publishers Weekly calls them "sentimental greetings that make endearing gift enclosures") and you can get one for free, just say "Birdie sent me!"


Birdie sent some samples for my PL Friend's group to sell. I left before they made their decision, but all of the friends liked the samples it is a good idea - and green too because it is dual purpose.

The older ladies also liked that it will be a card you keep around both for use as a bookmark and as a momento. I think they are a great fund raiser for friends organizations and libraries.

why such a short comment? lol and thanks.

There are a few things upon which we agree :)

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