and User Privacy?

<p>While browsing blogs during the NCAA Tourney today, I came across a reference to a book that I thought would be good for my library (academic business school), so I hopped over to after not seeing it in our online catalog.</p> <p>I started to register and save the page, but saw this in the abbreviated <a href="">Terms of Service</a> dialog:</p> <blockquote>A. You grant to OCLC unlimited and unrestricted use of all data submitted by you to this site.</blockquote> <p>That's pretty sweeping. But surely, they won't sell my email to marketers, right. I mean, this is OCLC, yes -- founded by librarians, for librarians -- zealous defenders of personal privacy?</p> <p>I searched the full TOS for references to the uses of gathered data and user privacy -- no explicit prohibition of sharing. I also searched the full "<a href="">Privacy Policy</a>" for anything that might indicate that my email was not for sale -- nothing there either.</p> Now I'm willing to admit that my focus on the legalese may not be the best today due to March Madness; but its a little troubling to me to read "A." above and then find nothing to convince me that my email won't be re-sold. This may also be of more concern if your library, like mine, seems to be in a headlong rush to buy <a href="">WorldCat Local</a>. Did I miss something in the policies? Is this FUD? More eyes on the policies would be appreciated.


ALA gives or sells my email address to every vendor in the exhibit halls and then some. I spend the months after conference clicking on unsubscribe. I was not aware that registering for a conference meant opening up my email to zillions of commercial sales emails.

Shortly after the infamous web redesign of the ALA website a few years ago I found that every year they reset my preferences to opt out of email whoriing out annually. I think it is done when you renew, if you don't turn off 'feel free to pimp my personal information' every year they put you on the please spam list.

I don't belong to ALA anymore for a number of reasons, but I wonder if they have fixed that yet.

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