Want More Info on Hillary? How About 11,000 Pages?

Hillary Clinton just released 11,000 pages of her schedule as First Lady. The papers were released as a result of a lawsuit by the conservative legal group, Judicial Watch and they give a glimpse into her priorities as First Lady. She frequently refers to her work as First Lady as a credential for her White House bid, but until now the Clinton Library has not released her day-to-day schedules. WNYC’s political director Andrea Bernstein invites listeners to pour through the pages. Story from WNYC.org, an NPR affiliate.

And here's the link from the Clinton Library; some pages apparently have portions blacked out (to protect the innocent?)


At first I thought it would be meaningless... how could her schedule be that interesting. Hair appointments, committee meetings, and the like.

Now it is amusing. It seems her official records indicate she is simply pulling things in her public speeches out of her arse.

It seems her opposition to NAFTA actually meansfully supportive of NAFTA.

I am certain there will be much more amusement as people pore through the 11K pages.

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