Value undeniable; price unknown: Innovate Or Stagnate

Really Interesting Post from John MacColl over at HangingTogether on the price of innovation. He says libraries can sometimes feel as though they know the value of everything but the price of nothing and wonders what is the price of making some major (and scary) changes? In other words, a pricelist is required, and producing it will be complex and challenging, requiring political as well as economic skills.

As a community we know we cannot turn back from this task, but it can seem a huge and frightening one. This is a moment when we require leadership which encourages and supports us to stick with the dynamic of change – more easily faced collaboratively - and continue to reject the stock responses of both cynicism and timidity.


It's the Price of everything and the Value of nothing, that we're famous for.

Libraries have infinite staff time and money to pursue cool things, as far as I know.

Anyone notice his post was inspired by a speech from a VP at SirsiDynix?

That's cute. Maybe he could innovate the pail of vomit that is the SirsiDynix web-based catalog.

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