Gangs put library under siege in Scotland

Sounds Like it's not much fun working at the Muirhouse Library these days. Police have been called to a city library 19 times in the last three months after the building became a target for teenage gangs.
On one occasion, police were called to the library three times in one night when £3000 worth of damage was caused to the toilets. While officers were inside inspecting the damage, the police car was vandalised outside the library.
"Because they can get access to the PCs, that is the attraction."


They come for the Internet. Of course. What is it about the Internet that attracts undesirable patrons? Same thing happens at my library.

The problem is that they aren't patrons. Imagine if libraries put up big screen tvs to show football games, the complaint would be the same. This library needs to hire more security and it sounds like it might be time to repair Hadrian's Wall.

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