Parts and Equipment Wish List for LISTen

You can find the wish list for the LISTen team in terms of equipment purchases online.

That list contains some of the bigger pieces that we are seeking to acquire. Right now we do not have the funds to do such. Our top two priorities on the list are the Mac Mini and the Nokia N800. The Mac Mini would swap out for the studio computer that is frankly getting very flaky. This is not to say that this would replace the non-networked computer that recordings are made to. We need a computer that is somewhat more reliable for proceeding with Skype calls and other matters. The Nokia N800 would allow for field recordings to happen. I am still trying very, very, very hard to get things in order so I can get into ALA Annual. Unfortunately I have been waiting over a month to hear back from the ALA Public Information Office.

The LifeBook and the external Sony drive are lower priorities. While they would be nice they would not necessarily reduce some of the interesting issues that arise with the hardware we've got right now. The LifeBook would be a more technically capable alternative to the N800 for doing fieldwork in terms of carrying out interviews. The Sony drive would help allow us to be able to back up the show's archives.

Preparing a good podcast is not easy and not cheap. I recommend the O'Reilly text known as Podcasting Hacks to help understand some of the issues we go through. The book is very good and is recommended by the podcast audio engineer for use as a textbook. I bought him a copy out of my pocket so that there could be a reference on-hand in case folks in LibraryLand need additional help in creating podcast magic.

If anyone would like to contribute to the purchase of any item on the equipment wish list, please contact me by any of the means available. If you want a shipping address to just send things please contact me by any of the means available. You do not necessarily need to be within the United States to contribute.

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