Do You "Do" Email?

I was just reading a post on PUBLIB and noticed a pattern, I think that a particular author "does" email. That got me thinking, is email part of working for most people now, or is it still something that needs to be done separately? For me it's like eating, or breathing even. My email program is always running, there is no "doing" email, it's just always on. Email is not a distinct part of my day, it's how many reference questions come in while I'm at work, and it's how all support requests come in for LISHost. Email isn't something that can be put off until I have free time, it's how work begins. Because of LISHost I can't go more than an hour or two without at least checking on email, the servers and support requests; ever. While I know I'm probably an extreme example, even during a regular workday I wonder if people still "do" email. 5 years ago when I worked in a huge academic library I was surprised so many people would block out time special time to "do" the email.

So I'm curious, do you "do" email? How do you handle it? Do you "do" your feed reader or twitter or something else?

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When I worked in an office, the appropriate mail program (Notes at RLG, Outlook at OCLC/RLG) was always open in the background and checked as appropriate--but I'd only check Gmail during coffee breaks and lunchtime (so maybe three times a day).

Now that I work at home, primarily in the mornings, Outlook open to my PALINET mailbox is always running in the morning (sitting over on the smaller notebook screen, visible unless I'm doing source-to-wiki editing using both screens), and I check it once or twice in the afternoon. Gmail, which is where everything else lives? Once or twice in the morning, once or twice in the afternoon, certainly not open all the time...

And I sure don't "do" twitter or Bloglines or im. Guess I'm just not Connected Full-Time, and don't plan to be.