Major League Baseball vs Bloggers: A Librarian's Perspective

Steve Johnson, Internet Critic of the Chicago Tribune, reports that Major League Baseball is out to restrict the blogging of games. <a href="">ricklibrarian</a> adds a librarian's perspective. Rick says The fact that MLB is letting any posting at all must mean there is debate within the ranks of the executives. Someone there must see how fans naturally want to share their excitement. The bloggers are their friends, if they would only realize it, but greed has blinded their eyes.


Keep in mind that this is anti-blogging stance is coming from the same organization to place a warning after each game saying:

"Any account and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball."

In other words, professional sports reporters are screwed unless they first get written permission from the league before writing up a story on how the game went. I don't know if reporters actually have to do that, but according to this copyright statement, they should.

Going a step beyond, if I watch a game and then talk about it at work, then I've disseminated an account and description of the game without permission. By the terms of their statement, I've violated their copyright.

Of course, this is coming from an organization which came within a frog's hair of putting advertising on the bases. Why? Well I guess they're just not making enough money. *cough* *cough* *cough*

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I've seen a fair few photos on their 'official' fan blogs over the last couple of months. I'm off to the US next month and seeing the Cubs on the 18th :)

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