Book Dispute gone too far


What started as a challenge to a book, has turned very ugly
in Oregon. A students mother didn\'t like one of the books
being used to teach history, and has now turned into an ugly
war of words. Read about it Here at the Register Guard

\"I\'ve never done anything inappropriate, I haven\'t even come
out as angry at these people,\" Kelly Dunn said. \"Now we\'re
going to be persecuted. Oh, boy. My daughter, she came to me
for help, and now they\'re punishIt started as an objection to what the parents of a
fifth-grade student considered unnecessary violence and
profanity in a novel being used to teach history to their
daughter\'s class.

Then the mother was asked to stop volunteering in the
classroom at Elizabeth Page Elementary School. According to
the parents\' account, it also was suggested that a private
school may be a better setting for their child.

And by Friday afternoon, Kelly and Jerry Dunn were tossing
around the name of the Rutherford Institute, a Virginia
organization of lawyers who specialize in religious freedom
and other civil rights cases. The Dunns said they have been
offered the institute\'s legal assistance in their dispute

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