6 days in jail for not returning library books

This gives a whole new meaning to the term fine. I think it is fine that theft of library materials is treated as the crime it is. In Wisconsin a young woman who failed to return library books and failed to appear for three Court dates was arrested pursuant to a capias issued after her repeated failure to respond to notices and the treble call of the Court. The young woman's family could not afford to pay her fees and fines -$331- for six days so she sat in jail. It seems this is simply a matter of personal responsibility. She was pulled over for having a light out, she was arrested for failing to show up to Court, and she was summoned to Court for failing to return library materials. I hope this will be a wonderful learning experience for her. Of course the bleeding hearts have come out of the woodwork. A professor at the technical college she attends (professor... technical college.. OK if they say so) said: <blockquote>This young woman is working really hard to better her life. She has a little boy, and it'd be nice if he could have a good feeling about the library,'' she said. ''Sure, they send letters, but I think they should make a phone call somewhere in the process, too. I'd like to see them do something less punitive than tie up our city services to track down library books.'</blockquote> Yep it is unfortunate that the child had to suffer for the errors the mother made, yes it would be nice if she could have a good feeling about the library but they didn't put the materials in her car, the library didn't force the books on her. Yes they sent her letters, but the 'professor' wants them to call... well if she moved and didn't get the letters what is the possibility that she is responsible enough to let them know her current telephone number since she did not find that notifying them of her current address was important. The woman stole the materials as not returning them after multiple notices is indeed theft by conversion. The professor would like the city to do something other than prosecute those who commit crimes. Well it didn't have to go that far. As the library director said " All we ask is that they bring them back.'' Irresponsible and blaming others for my error and surrounded by apologists, that is how I want to go through life. Read all about it <a href'" http://wcco.com/wisconsinwire/22.0.html?type=local&state=WI&category=n&filename=WI--LibraryBook-Jail.xml"> here</a>


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