Bush undecided on disclosure policy for SMU library donors

After settling on SMU to house his library, President Bush said Thursday he doesn't know yet whether donors to the multimillion-dollar project will be identified but he probably will accept money from foreign sources. Mr. Bush said at a news conference that some people "like to give and don't particularly want their names disclosed ... and so we'll take that into consideration."
Mr. Bush, asked whether the public has a right to know who is helping to finance his library, said: "You know, we're weighing, taking a look. Taking consideration, giving it serious consideration."


I will be one of the donors. If you want my name and address, well you should be able to find that easily - after all most of the readers are librarians.

If you ask them really nicely they will dedicate your money to something special. A book on torturing innocent people, for example. Perhaps something on how to prepare the Constitution once you've torn it to itty bitty pieces. A light vinaigrette?

I am going to send a hundred bucks, I'll be lucky if I get a potted plant for that (an an annual not a perennial at that).

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