NH Town: Library money was spent on dog food

<a href="http://www.boston.com/news/local/new_hampshire/articles/2008/02/27/town_library_money_was_spent_on_dog_food/"> A selectman in Bennington says</a> a routine annual audit shows that town-raised funds meant for the public library were spent on dog food, groceries and other inappropriate expenditures, instead. more stories like thisThe town's police department is in the middle of an investigation into the misspent and missing funds.


Why are the cops auditing the accounts. Why don't they have a CPA, heck a forensic auditor do it.

That is like having librarians teach kids DDR, sure it can be done, but there are many more qualified than the police to audit the fishy spending.

I bet it turns out to be a lack of internal cotrols, no one told the person who spent them that they couldn't use the card for their personal expenses and then reimburse the library.

Failure to plan dooms small organizations. How many librarians can find their cash management policy, how many can find the room rental policy, how many simply don't have written policies. If you don't have written policies expect this type of shenanigans.

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