Time to End the Slavery of Traditional Publishing

In a characteristically provocative talk last week, Richard Smith, who is on the Board of Directors of PLoS, accused traditional subscription-based publishers of acting like slave owners. And he compared open access advocates to abolitionists.

Richard was speaking at the BioMed Central Open Access Colloquium, alongside other "abolitionists," including my colleague Ginny Barbour, Senior Editor at PLoS Medicine. The talks have all been archived on the colloquium website.


Let's have his children sold, his bones broken and his skin flayed off him by a horse whip and then ask him about his penchant for pithy comparisons.

Self-aggrandizing jackass.

I do want to hear his speech about how not getting feta on his Greek salad like he ordered is like the concentration camps, though. Real corker, that one.

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