PC Gaming Alliance

If your library hosts gaming, you may want to follow along on the new Gaming Alliance that has been created. <a href='http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080220-creation-of-pc-gaming-alliance-leaves-unanswered-questions.html'>They don't be clear on what they plan to do yet</a> but it suggests that conversations are being had and might lead to collaboration and future communication.


What I want to know is: what issue will they be tackling first? Obesity? Virginity? Acne? Soda addiction? Friction with parents over the car?

The mind positively reels.

i came across this article which seems to say that the PC Gaming Alliance is nothing more than a cleverly orcestrated scam:


It does sound a bit like a scam. But if they do happen to revitalize PC Gaming while they are seeking huge profits I wouldn't really mind. I love PC gaming so if they manage to get people interested in it they can keep the money they "scam" out of us. We still get the goods that's all that matters right?

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