Midwinter roundup

I have to present my Midwinter report at work today, so I figured I'd organize my thoughts here.

COMM--my new committee is the Committee on Membership Meetings, or COMM. We pick a topic for discussion and lay out the agenda for the sparsely attended ALA Membership Meetings at Annual. I always try to attend these and I'm not sure why others don't. Too many conflicts, I'd guess? This year we'll be discussing electronic participation, which should be interesting and timely. Very smooth committee, I very much enjoyed the meeting. Things actually got done!

Balancing Baby and Book--a new discussion group for ACRL about parenting in academia. Probably one of the best things I attended. I met a lot of other new parents and future parents and we got to compare how our places of work dealt with balance issues. I hope this goes somewhere--I haven't heard from anyone since we left Philly.

EBSCO Lunch--EBSCO is doing some interesting things but I lost the handouts. I don't remember any groundshaking revelations though.

NMRT All Committee Meeting and Candidate Forum--I am running for NMRT Treasurer so I got to answer questions about what I would do if I won. I'm almost 'graduated' from this group (you can only belong for your first ten years of ALA) and I will miss it when my time's up.

DLS Instruction Committee Meeting--DLS is the Distance Learning Section of ACRL. This committee meeting is usually the most frustrating. You'd think a group of people used to working at a distance could get stuff done between meetings. Not usually, though. I'm not sure where this group is going. I do a lot of teaching online and had a lot of enthusiasm for this committee when I was appointed but not much seems to be getting done. I'm considering switching to LITA where they seem to be doing a lot more with distance education.

ACRL Candidates Forum--This is a great opportunity to learn more about the folks running for the ACRL presidency. This year the candidates were both excellent and interesting folks who would both be good choices.

NMRT Board Meeting--I'm the Outreach Director currently and was there for that reason. NMRT is such a well run group. We were able to get through just about everything on the agenda in our 2 hour meeting. We can work on issues in between meetings. We're prepared to propose things when we're at meetings. DLS could learn a thing or two!

I also got to meet with the ALA Presidential candidates once or twice and I have to say that I liked Linda Williams a bit more. She just seemed more thoughtful to me. Camila did a great job of sticking to her campaign points, but Linda was able to hear what we were asking in various meetings and actually answer the questions in a relevant way. I'm sure either would do a great job, though.

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