LISTen Needs Your Help

LISTen is busy during its hiatus preparing to be even better. In terms of discussion after comments received we are trying to build in capacity to have guest appearances on the show without having to book a flight to Las Vegas. I wish this were an inexpensive matter but it is not. Right now I am robbing Peter to pay Paul relative to podcast production. To pay for upgrading hardware and initiating a new back-end service the funds outlay is US$125. The funds needed are broken down this way: US$50 - Parts to create a bridge to allow guests to be included in the recorded episode US$75 - Cost to set up for a continuing period access to Skype so that guests can just call in from Canada and not be hit with international phone call rates From the demographics survey and other response I know we have quite a bit of listeners in Canada. With SkypeIn we can set up a phone number to make calls cheaper rather than paying international rates. Access numbers could also be set up here in the United States and a few other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. When does the money need to be raised by? Thursday or Friday is when such needs to be on-hand. I wish I could truthfully say there is some other way to obtain the funds for this but I cannot. Every little bit helps. I am not asking for somebody to donate the whole $125 but will not turn such money away either. PayPal fees are fairly minimal with the way the account is set up. Paying for SkypeIn service establishment can be done directly from PayPal which eliminates a few steps for the team here. An e-mail sent to me at [email protected] may elicit a response via my Gmail account as to alternate ways to contribute too. Thanks for supporting an effort that so far has had no budget, few staff, and other constraints. It has not been easy but it has been great. Donation button for US listeners:
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