San Jose councilman chides head librarian on porn-filter report

San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant accused the city's head librarian Wednesday of foot-dragging and shoddy research on his proposal to filter pornography out of library computers. Constant told Library Director Jane Light he was "disappointed" in her progress report to a council committee on his October proposal for the city to reconsider Internet filtering on library computers. A final report is due in March.
"I don't honestly feel we're going down a path to finding solutions," Constant said. "I feel we're going down a path to finding reasons not to do this."


As a student at SJSU, I often have downtime in between classes and like to stop by the library to use the computers. Surprisingly, I often walk past other patrons looking at porn and it really creeps me out! I'm in no way saying the library should crack down and limit all sites, but the library is an EXTREMELY inappropriate place for perverts to openly engage in their "leisurely" internet browsing.

I can see why it's tough to find software though. I personally use Net Nanny ( but I don't completely rely on it. I keep reading about the 16 year-old kid in Australia who broke through a $85 million filtering project in half an hour. Nevertheless, I say some software is better than no software.