Eats, Reads and Leaves

&quot;<a href=",,2244344,00.html">Eats, Reads and Leaves</a>&quot; is the snappy title given by Britain's &quot;<a href="">Guardian</a>&quot; newspaper to light-hearted coverage by Marc Abrahams of the recent &quot;<a href="">Survey of Library Cafes</a>&quot; produced by researchers from New York. &quot;The report serves up statistical information about popular library-cafe comestibles - coffee, sandwiches, salads, and even a catch-all category called "junk food". As a bonus, in this era when institutions are clamouring for surveillance and protection, there's a special section called "Policies to Protect the Library from Food." The crowd-pleasing highlight is a section called "Mean, Median, Minimum and Maximum of Percentage of Total Revenues of the Library Cafe or Restaurant Accounted for by Sales of Fruit, Broken Out by Number of Annual Visitors to the Library".&quot;
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