Lacking a sufficient survey sample size

I have gotten a rather quite small amount of survey responses. The responses received are definitely not a sufficient sample size to gain any appreciation of what is going on. The survey has only ten questions and has no essay questions to it. There is not necessarily any time limit where the survey would self-destruct but I would prefer to hear back from listeners before January 23rd so that data can be reviewed without any call to rush. The LISTen audio engineer had issues last night. He really wants feedback. I do not blame him. Producing a podcast like this is a data-driven enterprise. There are very important questions that need to be asked before a first regular season could be inaugurated. The questions in the survey are not too drastic. One question asks where you listen to the show. Another question asks about your mode of listening to the show whether it be alone, with friends, playing it on speakers for officemates/others, or an option is given to put in your own unique way if I did not specify it. A further question inquires as to what time situation exists as you listen to the show. Those questions help us gear content and decide whether or not the show should remain audio-only. Means of access are also a concern to us. In production we try to produce files that are as device neutral as possible. We stick to MP3 format to be accessible across the widest range of possible players. How you listen is important because if there is one overwhelming vector that may have a higher quality yet less platform neutral format we could shift to that in a first regular season. Learning how users locate and download episodes is also important as we can try to make things as easy as possible. Four demographics questions are asked. The first inquires as to where a listener is located in this Amazoogle world. Learning more about trends in this helps us ensure that relevant content is included in episodes. This helps us not only answer whether or not something plays in Peoria but also answer whether it is even being received in Peoria. The next two questions inquire about what role a listener plays in their particular type library. If a majority of listeners are catalogers then perhaps content should be geared that way. If a majority of listeners are reference librarians at public libraries then different coverage might be called for perhaps. The final question in the survey asks what age range a respondent falls in. This is an important question for multiple reasons. An initial use for data from this question is to tune up things to cut out any phraseology that may use excessive jargon or excessive slang that might be difficult to comprehend. Such also impacts the use of cultural references in speaking. Simply put I want things to be as intelligible as possible to the broadest group of listeners. As we debate in Las Vegas how we open shows this can also help us narrow down our picks. The demographic data is also important in considering whether or not to seek advertising. The data itself will not be presented to any advertiser. The seeking of ads is something that has been debated for a while. The demographic data from this is also a pilot study to see whether or not it would be worth it to do a more complete survey to have data to show potential advertisers. This is merely a prudent attempt at trying to look into ways of funding a continuing production. It is fair to ask why there are all these remarks about funding pop up. The production so far has been funded by way of my still having a day job. That is about to disappear Friday night due to factors well beyond my control. Due to an interesting group of factors getting a new job is going to be rather difficult. Frankly the job market in Las Vegas is sufficiently flooded to make open positions extremely rare until probably Easter. The survey is a way to see if there is sufficient support from an audience to go to a regular season. Going to a regular season is by no means guaranteed. With some sort of funding I can keep going hosting and would be freed up to prepare original content. From what was seen in the request by Blake for feedback, original content in the podcast apparently is desired. Donating to support me putting LISten together is much akin to a faculty member securing grant funding to carry out research in lieu of teaching. A rough time estimate to putting together original content and creating a show episode in a different format would take around 20-25 hours out of the week. Right now production takes about 15-20 hours per week. Rather than have me worry about a day job or the bills that do not pay themselves donations can help. One way to show support for the show is to take five minutes to complete the survey and then leave a comment at request by Blake for feedback. A very concrete way to show support is to donate money to help support the show host as the trial season winds to an end. Both ways can help us put together what could be a great addition to information sources in the profession. To donate money via PayPal to support LISten, click the button below:
If you do not like the notion of donating via PayPal please feel free to drop me a note at [email protected] and we can work out how alternative arrangements like a check or money order could be arranged. As to writing me e-mails, please rest assured I will not flame or bite back. Thank you for supporting LISten.
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I just took the survey. Two problems with the survey:

1) If you answer NO to "do you LISten" there are no relevant option on the other questions. If I don't listen I obviously don't listen in my home, in a boat, on a plane....

2) in the age range, it says 35- 50, 50-65... If I was 50 I wouldn't know where to check off my age and it skews the results.


Yikes. One of the bad things is that I could not get a logic jump in to outright end the quiz if you answered no to the first question.

As to the other issues I think such is fixed now.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

Are you able to draw any conclusions or inferences from the results you have recieved?

Well, another 94 responses would definitely help this out. What I have is not sufficient to draw any conclusions. What I have found so far has been interesting.

First and foremost what has been seen so far is that respondents do not necessarily use an iPod to listen to a podcast. More folks come to the site itself to obtain the podcast than use iTunes. Rather than listen at work respondents so far listen at home.

The age groups responding are as expected. What was not expected was the library types seen. I would have imagined more hits from the academic realm. For better or for worse that is not the case so far.

Format and content are still big concerns. Those are more qualitative than quantitative questions. From what I have seen so far a shift to a model like CNET TV might be appropriate. Considering what is mentioned at one blog post it might be appropriate to have a show akin to "This Old House" talking about ways to produce something that might help in library outreach. There is nothing written in stone that says the show must continue the way it has.

The only conclusion I can draw so far is that it is difficult to draw any conclusions.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

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