This Week in LibraryBlogLand (January 14, 2008)

This Week in LibraryBlogLand
week ending January 13, 2008

The Library of Congress has released the Final Report of the Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control. Comments from Wade Wyckoff (WadingIn) and Daniel Chudnov (One Big Library).

U.S. News & Word Report's 31 Careers With Bright Futures 2008: Librarian. Brian Mathews (The Ubiquitous Librarian) responds to Steven Bell's, "Are you where you want to be professionally?" Comment from Annoyed Librarian.

Steve Campion (LibraryStream) continues his Learn More series of posts about the social web.

Brett Bonfield (ACRLog) has some thoughts about blogs and blogging.

Tips for conference bloggers (6 pages).


Joyce Valenza (Neverendingsearch) tells some of her ideas and strategies for getting teachers and databases together.

Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog) asks, So what should school librarians be teaching?


Steven Bell (ACRLog) on what it really means to be a faculty member. Brian Mathews (The Ubiquitous Librarian) has details of Exam Cram, a way for the library to help students at the end of the semester.


Marshall Breeding (Library Technology Guides) presented the results of his survey on librarians' satisfaction with their current ILS. Comments from Roy Tennant (Tennant: Digital Libraries) and Jonathan Rochkind (Bibliographic Wilderness).

Barbara Taranto (NYPL Labs) had some scanned-text images that could not be OCR'd, so she listed the task of text transcription on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Issue 1 of the Code4Lib Journal is online.

Sarah Houghton-Jan’s (LibrarianInBlack) Top Tech Trends for 2008, ALA Midwinter.

Aaron Schmidt (walking paper) writes about a library-sponsored wifi network on the downtown commercial strip.


2008 is the National Year of Reading (UK) (via).

Fred 2.0 has a simple resolution for 2008. Emily Clasper (Library Revolution) has no resolutions--instead, she has a mantra: "I am not afraid..." Ryan Deschamps (The Other Librarian) has ten ideas about how he can make his life better this year.


Elmo asks, Where are the computers in your neighborhood?

Library t-shirt of the week (that someone needs to make).

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