This Week in LibraryBlogLand (January 14, 2008)

<p><strong>This Week in LibraryBlogLand</strong> <br> <em>week ending January 13, 2008</em><br> .......... </p><p> The Library of Congress has released the Final Report of the <A hREF="">Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control</A>. Comments from <A HREF="">Wade Wyckoff</A> (<em>WadingIn) and </em> <A HREF="">Daniel Chudnov</A> (<em>One Big Library).</em> </p><p> <em>U.S. News & Word Report's</em> <a HREF="">31 Careers With Bright Futures 2008</A>: <A HREF="">Librarian</A>. Brian Mathews (<em>The Ubiquitous Librarian)</em> <A HREF="">responds</A> to Steven Bell's, "<A HREF="">Are you where you want to be professionally?</A>" Comment from <A HREF="">Annoyed Librarian</A>. </p><p> Steve Campion (<em>LibraryStream)</em> continues his <A HREF="">Learn More</A> series of posts about the social web. </p><p> Brett Bonfield (<em>ACRLog)</em> has some <A HREF="">thoughts about blogs and blogging</A>. </p><p> <A HREF="">Tips for conference bloggers</A> (6 pages). </p><p> <strong>SCHOOL LIBRARIES</strong> </p><p> Joyce Valenza (<em>Neverendingsearch)</em> tells some of her ideas and strategies for <A HREF="">getting teachers and databases together</A>. </p><p> Doug Johnson (<em>Blue Skunk Blog)</em> asks, <A HREF="">So what should school librarians be teaching?</A> </p><p> <strong>ACADEMIC LIBRARIES</strong> </p><p> Steven Bell (<em>ACRLog)</em> on <A HREF="">what it really means to be a faculty member</A>. Brian Mathews (<em>The Ubiquitous Librarian)</em> has details of <A HREF="">Exam Cram</A>, a way for the library to help students at the end of the semester. </p><p> <strong>TECH STUFF</strong> </p><p> Marshall Breeding (<em>Library Technology Guides)</em> presented the results of his survey on <A hREF="">librarians' satisfaction with their current ILS</A>. Comments from <A hREF="">Roy Tennant</A> (<em>Tennant: Digital Libraries)</em> and <A HREF="">Jonathan Rochkind</A> (<em>Bibliographic Wilderness).</em> </p><p> Barbara Taranto (<em>NYPL Labs)</em> had some scanned-text images that could not be OCR'd, <A HREF="">so she listed the task of text transcription on Amazon's Mechanical Turk</A>. </p><p> Issue 1 of the <A hREF="">Code4Lib Journal</A> is online. </p><p> Sarah Houghton-Jan’s (<em>LibrarianInBlack)</em> <A HREF="">Top Tech Trends for 2008, ALA Midwinter</A>. </p><p> Aaron Schmidt (<em>walking paper)</em> writes about a <A HREF="">library-sponsored wifi network</A> on the downtown commercial strip. </p><p> <strong>2008</strong> </p><p> 2008 is the <A HREF="">National Year</A> of <A HREF="">Reading</A> (UK) <small>(<A HREF="">via</A>)</small>. </p><p> <A HREF="">Fred 2.0</A> has a simple resolution for 2008. Emily Clasper (<em>Library Revolution)</em> has no resolutions--instead, she has a mantra: "<A HREF="">I am not afraid</A>..." Ryan Deschamps (<em>The Other Librarian)</em> has <A HREF="">ten ideas about how he can make his life better this year</A>. </p><p> <strong>THE LIGHTER SIDE</strong> </p><p> Elmo asks, <A HREF="">Where are the computers in your neighborhood</A>? </p><p> <A HREF="">Library t-shirt of the week</A> (that someone needs to make). </p><p> ....................<br> <em> <a href="">This Week in LibraryBlogLand</a> (TWiL) appears on LISNews every Monday.</em> </p>
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