Old School Research Separated The Boys From The Men

Stephen Joel Tractenberg, writing at Brainstorm, a Chronicle blog, recalls his trip to the library to work on his first real research paper. He writes: For someone of my age, it is not uncommon to feel that the physicality of a book or newspaper, its very touch and smell, gives the information contained on the pages a certain gravitas (musty is better, like a ripe cheese). Strangely, whenever I “google” someone or look up a Wikipedia entry – (the quick and dirty search done before a lunch date with someone I’ve not met before), I feel a slight sense of voyeurism, as if I am observing a dark secret about that person...Information acquired online may be quicker but it doesn’t have nearly the dramatic impact to me as does finding a book. Read it at: <a href="http://chronicle.com/review/brainstorm/trachtenberg/the-road-to-manhood">Chronicle.com</a>
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