Misadventures in Networking

Where do I begin? Tuesday got interesting. Even there it is very late here I will try to write.

Tuesday started off with the LISten audio engineer calling. In the call that woke me up I was asked what I was doing about seeking either an operating grant or underwriting. I said I would give the matter some thought as I started my day.

I knew that Cali Lewis of GeekBrief TV said that she was going to have a meet-up. A meet-up in the podcasting realm is a chance for a podcaster to meet with listeners/viewers.

Plans were made to go. I had so many questions in mind. How did you get funding from PodShow? What do you use that expensive microphone for on the table if you also use a lapel mic? How do you structure video briefs successfully? How do you go about getting sponsors?

The plan was set. The LISten production team would travel across town to the Paris Hotel to attend the meet-up. It was decided that if there was networking to be had this would be the first step in doing such. The event's timing was a little messy and it was noted that Cali's Twitter stream would need to be followed for timing.

The day was simple enough. I was on a day off from my day job so I was trying to relax. I went out to lunch with family at Gold Rush Casino but had some problems. The all you can eat "Taco Tuesday" special there was at an excellent price and tasted great. At a cost of $5.99 such was cheaper than visiting Taco Bell to get a comparable combo. It is a part of Nevada life that good food is available at casinos. From where I was up north prior to transitioning south to Las Vegas the best pizza was from the nearest casino although it was a twenty minute drive in to town to pick it up.

Around 9:30 PM I called the common information desk for properties owned by Harrah's. The Paris LV is one of many properties owned by Harrah's on The Strip. The location information given was not sufficiently specific. The folks at the common desk were unsure of what to do.

At that point I started to wonder whether or not it was a good idea to proceed. That debate ended around 10:30 PM and the team was out the door around 11:00 PM. The trip north from Henderson to The Strip was not too bad. Finding where to park was bad. The initial attempt was made by driving down Koval looking for an entrance to a parking garage. That did not pan out. Eventually we did get into the parking garage. Unfortunately we ran into a driver who had unique conceptions of what normal driving happened to be. After getting forced out of that garage back onto the road some quick thinking got us back into the parking garage.

Once we found a spot it seemed the going would be easy enough. We had located the Napoleon which seemed to match the description of where things would be held. While the team loitered it appeared that Cali Lewis walked by with her husband. I tried to catch up but did not succeed. Not all parts of the production team move at the same speed when walk. A "slow" pace from me sometimes looks like a run. LISten's audio engineer does not move as fast as I do either.

I did not succeed in making contact. I think I unintentionally succeeded in freaking somebody out. It being a day off I was dressed casually. While my attire might have been great for meeting Bill Engvall or Jeff Foxworthy it certainly would scare people at a casino like the one we were at. An Oxford grey t-shirt, blue jeans, brown leather-looking shoes, and a zip-up hoodie from a school district I worked for may well mark me as different from the rest of the crowd.

The team left to return to LISten base camp shortly after that goof-up on my part. Traffic eased up on Flamingo by the time we passed by the library branch there. After that hopping on the 93 cut time off the return to Henderson. After getting back we reviewed some of the episodes downloaded earlier from the podcast Food Science. Dr. Kirsten Sanford produces an interesting show that helps provide ideas relative to any future possibilities of LISten wandering into video formats.

So, what should folks who frequent LISNews.org get out of this? The podcast known as GeekBrief TV is something that should be subscribed to. One need not be a systems librarian to understand what is discussed in a fairly short amount of time. The excellent content is great for any librarian as they try to keep up with the technology around them. GeekBrief TV is worth the time investment along with time spent enjoying LISten.

As for me? I get to head back to the drawing board looking for sponsors and/or underwriters.

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