Thinking inspired by Tom Green

This is very late for me to be writing. Tom Green's new television show has been airing on local independent low-power TV station KTUD. The show is a derivative work from what Tom Green had been doing online. There is no crew for such in the normal sense and the show has no writers. Seeing that made me think. The thought has been proposed about what to do with LISten. Is audio enough? Is there a demand for video too? Following the advice given at various new media venues the start to this has been done in audio. Audio is easier to put together than video. Various special effects are possible far more cheaply in an audio production than a video one. Tim Crook's text Radio Drama has highlighted some of that for me as well. Why am I reticent about doing a regular video podcast (hereafter referred to as "vodcast")? My first issue with producing a vodcast is the lack of a good venue. The folks at CommandN use a variety of locations in the Toronto area to film. In Las Vegas the amount of paperwork some those locations would require is hideous. My second issue is looking good on camera. While in audio I need merely sound well in video I also have to look it. Keeping that up is a hard proposition. The third issue I have is keeping things interesting. Putting together all the graphics for such can be a fairly hefty task. Could a vodcast happen some day? Perhaps. In addition to the issues above I note that, frankly, such a move right now would not allow sufficient access to those who may want it. I know that Cali Lewis at GeekBriefTV encodes to quite a number of formats. also funds the work that Cali and her husband do. For the crew at GeekBriefTV there is not a concern about fitting things in around working a day job. PodShow's backing helps ensure that the podcast is the sole concern for them. Right now there is no generous patron or other benefactor to support such a move. Any partnership between an entity like Revision3 or PodShow with is something I cannot really initiate. That kind of contact would not necessarily be turned away, though. Within the means available LISten is a listener-supported production. LISten's purpose is to serve the community by providing another way to catch up on what happens at the site. For the busy librarian with much to cram in, LISten can be listened to during a morning commute. When commuting to teach I had at least twenty minutes to listen to things on my digital media player. The things most often listened to were news bulletins from various agencies. Support from listeners can be an anonymous thing. Unless you really want me to I will not run an underwriters list during a podcast. Donation through PayPal allows things to be kept anonymous (if desired) and otherwise safe. My e-mail address is shown on the PayPal screen if you want to write to me separately to say something relative to contributing. The choice is the listener's. If you want to help LISten continue through its trial run and allow the production team a bit of ease from worries about day jobs the best thing to do is to donate. Donations would directly support the production team in their day to day lives by removing some matters of concern from potentially overshadowing production efforts. At risk of continuing to sound like an altar call I can only say that the needed button to start the donation process is below. After seeing so many choose during the first 24 hours of the podcast's being posted to listen, the choice about donation is yours.
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