I got a job!

After almost two years of searching for a children's librarian position, my perserverance paid off. I was offered a job as a children's librarian in a public library. The director is awesome and has done enormous work to improve the library for both its patrons and staff members. Honestly, I have never met a director who cares so much about the library and promoting its services. Additionally, I know I will learn a lot from the director's leadership skills and the environment feels so right.

I don't think I have ever been this happy after being offered a job. Thank you to all those who submitted comments in my previous blog entry.


Good For You!

Congrats on your finding your dream job. It makes me feel great to know that those jobs are out there to be found. I wish you happiness and success in your new career.


I wasn't one of the people who responded to your last post, but I'm very happy to hear you've found a job you like! Best of luck and may it stay enjoyable for years!

"No doubt another may also think for me; but it is not therefore desirable that he should do so.." - Thoreau

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