Digg and LISNEWS


When you click on a LISNEWS story title you are taken to the story in a full page view. When you are one that page there is a icon that says "digg it". Here is the Wikipedia entry about Digg. I think that LISNEWS readers should subscribe to Digg so that they can Digg LISNEWS stories. If a story gets around 50 Diggs it starts to draw attention from other people at the Digg site. If these people then Digg the story the votes will grow. I think this would be beneficial for LISNEWS and could draw some additional attention to the site.
Caveat: I am in no way suggesting rigging votes at Digg. You only vote for a story if you honestly like it. But if you don't register you can't vote. We have numerous interesting stories at LISNEWS. I think something that starts at LISNEWS could make it big on the Digg site.


Digg has its podcast Diggnation.
LISNews has LISten.

Both have roughly similar structures except for a few differences. Diggnation features beer drinking on-camera and LISten has none. Diggnation is a video podcast of two guys on a couch covering top items from the week gone by on Digg. LISten is an audio podcast where the presenter is normally standing at a microphone and holding a script.

Take a look at the work done by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. The format to LISten is not set in stone. Change is not impossible.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

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