Hillary wants to censor video games

According to <a href="http://gamepolitics.com/2007/12/21/hillary-clinton-tells-common-sense-media-she-would-support-video-game-legislation/">this</a> news story Senator Clinton if elected would censor video games, for the children of course. Apparently I have awakened in some different universe because now the Democrats are pushing for censorship and at least one Republican thinks they are nuts. That is the parents job.


What different universe are you talking about when Al Gore, his wife, and Joseph Liberman (all Democrats) have all been on the side of censorship?

Hey, mdoneil,

Anything else show up on FreeRepublic? I admit it's a period of slow news but surely they've got something better than this.

I really don't read Free Republic. I have looked at it fewer than a dozen times, and they seemed all worked up about one thing and silent on others.

If someone starts a blog about the UDHR I'll probably check that, but otherwise I've got plenty of differing opinions to consider already.

Truthfully, I really don't give a damn what most people who agree with me (or tend to agree with me) have to say. Let me hear some of those who disagree with me, it does not take any smarts to agree with me, let's see someone make a cogent argument that even if I end up not agreeing with at least was well reasoned enough to make us all think. Otherwise it is just mental autoeroticism.

Smells like the same old universe with the same old political bullshit to me, mdoneil. Cynic that I am, though, I concluded some time ago that all elected officicious are completely interchangeable, and that the only thing that ever really changes is the names on the doors.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that a candidate for public office is saying something that has the sole purpose of sucking up for votes. There are District and Appellate decisions striking down so-called Harmful To Minors legislation as constitutionally infirm. And congress is almost a dead cert cinch to get it wrong at the federal level, too.

Save the easily offended: ban everything.

Seldom am I serious. Sure Senator says she wants to censor video games, but she would say she could grow my hair back on my shiny pate if she thought it would get her votes. So would all the rest of them.

I liked Tipper Gore's stickers from years ago, they were just as silly. It is just sad that we have to waste our elected officials time (for which we of course pay) and the Courts' time as well (yep we pay for that too).

Can't we just deal with the things they can change or affect? War - we're in it lets win it and give the Iraqui people back their country. Immigration - let people who need to support their families do so but make sure everyone has an equal chance to work here if they wish so we must do it in an organized manner and our laws are not up to that yet.

Tax me to support the common good - roads, bridges, air traffic control, defense, and to help those who are too old, or infirm to help themselves. But otherwise let me decide how to spend my money.

Happy Boxing day !

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