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It is Saturday and a blog post may be in order. It is rapidly approaching the timeframe I would normally be starting the creative process that leads to a new episode of LISten. There will be no new episode posted by me this weekend for release on Monday. Things slow down at this point in the year for Christmas for everybody but the transportation and retail sectors, it seems.

If I can get things in order I am planning to record a year-end retrospective episode next week talking about the top stories for each month of 2007. When I ended 2006 I was south of the equator working in a library on a far-flung island. I was literally in the part of the world that saw the beginning of 2007 last. It will be different being in the American Southwest seeing the year's end this time. Having left a place that shared an outbound link to the Internet among around sixty thousand people with a speed akin to a T-1 line to a metro area like Las Vegas makes a difference in options. One year ago I could not pull off a project like this without investing in some interesting hardware from Inmarsat.

Regular episodes of LISten will return in the new year. The first Monday of January will be when the fourth episode is released. The episode may well be short depending upon the news that erupts in the transition week from 2007 to 2008. It is not yet Christmas Eve as I write so I can only say that anything can happen between now and when the process of creating the fourth episode starts. Stories and blog entries from December 30th through January 5th will be what is covered by the fourth episode barring any extenuating circumstances and/or issues.

I am still waiting to hear from Apple when the show will appear in the iTunes directory. For now the show can be subscribed to manually by selecting the menu option of "Subscribe to Podcast" and pasting into the box this link: http://lisnews.org/taxonomy/term/113/feed . For users of Bloglines that link can be imported to the subscriptions list there and new episodes are playable in the browser that way. The files posted bearing episodes of LISten are usable with Zunes as well. Even though the MP3 codec is not friendly to spoken word things like LISten it is the most neutral codec available.

The trial period for the podcast is set to conclude on January 21st with the sixth episode being posted that day. After that post appears there is a roughly two week period that allows for review of the project. Was it viable? Was audio the best way to go? Is video experimentation appropriate? Should something else be covered? Should there be original reporting? If original or semi-original reporting is desired how would that be paid for?

Right now LISten is funded off the top of what is made in my day job. Due to uncertainties in play right now my day job may disappear as of December 28th. If any listener has any last minute adjunct teaching possibilities available in a Library Technician program or another subject area such would help keep LISten going through the trial period and keep creditors at bay. Some travel is doable and I am amenable to online teaching. In fact, the preferred scenario would be instructing online for two to three institutions. Weekend travel to Phoenix and/or Los Angeles can also be figured out as those are 4-6 hour drives. Contacting me through the contact form available here is the easiest way to start discussion.

I am not keen on seeking ad revenue to keep LISten going and would much rather follow a tentmaker model in keeping the matter going. While ad revenue may be great such would not fit in with the ideals that have pervaded LISNews.org. I am also mightily concerned that there are not too many potential advertisers who would being willing to place an ad to keep the show afloat. While there are libraries in the Las Vegas valley there are few that seem amenable to folks with experience like mine. My present day job is not based in a library, alas.

For those that have made it this far in their reading I have this to say: Merry Christmas!

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A brief discussion occurred with the audio engineer as to the post above. One glaring flaw in my prose was pointed out. I did not make it clear that ad revenue would not be turned away if such is on offer.

Right now there are no mechanisms in place to handle that sort of financial matter, though. Considering the relatively high complexity of dealing with the City of Henderson, Clark County, the State of Nevada, and the IRS I am nervous about such a possibility. In terms of the costs of getting the relevant licensing based off of ad revenue it would be far cheaper to be parachuted into a couple adjuncting gigs. This is why I take the position I do above.

Now I just gotta ask the audio engineer to see the lyrics for his original song that might debut as music for the year-end episode...
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISten

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