A 2.0 story that doesn’t really involve libraries but does involve saving $12 and a car trip

I like This Quote By Jessamyn West:

Working on the web isn’t just about collecting real and/or imaginary friends and new interactive ways of sharing photos of your cat, it’s also about saving real time and real money so that you can do real things in your offline world.


the web isn’t just about collecting real and/or imaginary friends and new interactive ways of sharing photos of your cat

My imaginary friends and my cat are offended by this comment.

I am perplexed I thought web 2.0 was more than buying stuff online because you are frugal. I am frugal, heck I am cheap. I got LLBean's Visa because it comes with free shipping. I joined Amazon prime for the free shipping for me and all my family members, I use fatwallet.com, probargainhunter.com, buy the Entertainment books (from a local Synagogue for $18) online and order my razor blades from Hong Kong online because they are cheaper. If I can find a discount online I use if for things I need.

I thought web 2.0 was much more than that, I thought it was concerned with how the web was personal to me. 80 year old women who could care less about myspace or facebook are using online coupon and discount sites. There is nothing web 2.0 about those ladies.

Not one of those my tax dollars at work people? What can that possibly mean? You are ok with fiscal mismanagement? You are OK with wasting tax dollars. If your library administration were concerned with running a library rather than whatever nonsense du jour librarians concern themselves with they would negotiate with suppliers to get the best prices and service. The first supplier I would consult would be the state's prison industries. The Vermont Offender Work Programs can produce many office products needed by libraries as well as building quality furniture and shelving. My state's prison industries even offers cleaning supplies and screen printing for shirts worn by our staff and t-shirts for speical events. These programs are restricted in that they may only sell to governmental and non-profit organizations. Libraries can both meet their needs for supplies and assist offenders in learning a trade so that once they rejoin us outside prison they have a useful skill and experience under their belts.

I don't use a color printer at home so I never buy those ink cartridges. I did a study of my color printing and find it more cost effective to use the FedEx Kinkos online service and either pick my print jobs up when I go by or have them delivered. I guess that would be web 2.0?