One review of the Amazon Kindle from an actual customer

<a href="">Marc Rochkind didn't really enjoy his experience, it seems.</a> <blockquote>"But the problem is that the books are incomplete. I started the sample of my second book, Under the Banner of Heaven, and I noticed that the footnotes, marked with an asterisk in the text, were missing. (You're supposed to be able to select them as hyperlinks, but they weren't connected to anything.) I checked another book I had in paper form, Einstein: His Life and Universe, and the only footnote that I could find in the sample seemed to be linked, although I couldn't actually access it since it wasn't part of the sample. Fair enough. But The Path Between the Seas failed. A footnote was marked with an asterisk, but not linked"</blockquote> So he wants the book as written? Picky picky....


With the Kindle you are able to download a sample chapter. So if I understand the complaint correctly the person is upset that all the links do not work with a sample chapter? It is a sample. If the links did not work with the purchased copy I would think that was a legitimate issue.

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