You've Got Homework? They've Got Help.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, along with the New Jersey Library Association , are pleased to announce the arrival of help when you need it; Homework Help via Internet for students in grades 4 to 12 from 3pm to 8pm each weeknight. The program was subsidized by PSE&'s the story from the sponsor's press release.

Students who live in one of the seven designated towns can connect to a "Homework Help NJ" tutor through their local libraries, or from their home PC or Mac, with their library card number. The program Web site is can be accessed here. In addition, students enrolled in NJ After 3 can access "Homework Help NJ" at local program sites. NJ After 3 nonprofit partner sites include Boys & Girls Clubs, faith-based groups, museums, universities, community development corporations, YW/YMCAs, and others.


Interesting article but as I seem to search Google, more of these help sites come up. I would have never used or looked for help similar to the service provided above when I was in school. I sincerely believe that is because I am more old school. It was in elementary that we first started to see computers and the internet was unheard of. Students now have the internet as an alternative way to educate themselves. I myself provide a similar service in the sense that I too help students with their homework. I wonder if students today understand the advantage they have over students 15 years ago.

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