Amazon Kindle - Will Your Library Buy it for Patrons?

If the Amazon Kindle is any good, should libraries buy it for patron access? Michael Lorenzen at the Information Literacy Land of Confusion asks, "So, are any libraries planning on buying Amazon Kindle and allowing patrons to check-it out either for use in the library or to take it home? If this works as promised, this would be a great boon for many patrons who can not afford the current price tag. Should we as librarians strive to make this available to our patrons?" Full post at: <a href=""></a>.


The url embedded in the text does not resolve.

I found the post he's referring to here:

Sorry, had a space in the wrong spot

"If this works as promised..."

You've got to be kidding. I'd sooner be giving out 8-tracks.

Here's a prediction: Next year at this time, if anyone's still talking about this Edsel, it'll be along the lines of "sales are better than expected..." Ho-hum.

I can't imagine many libraries will be buying it due to the cost...?
the comment thingy didn't work, so I made my comment a blog entry...

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