Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews, Part 1: Reading


Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews, Part 1: Reading

This will be the first in an occasional series highlighting things you can do @ LISNews. I'll be covering "reading," "writing," "playing," "networking" and whatever else I can come up with in this series. I thought I'd start with "reading" to point out what you can read, how you can find it, and how it can be read.

There are essentially 3 good homepages for LISNews. The first is the page you see when you visit (though this is radically different if you're logged in) the second, can be found at and the third you'll find at The blog page shows all the recent posts made by LISNews users. Anyone with an account can write in his or her own blog. The tracker page puts everything in a nice easy to reader list format. I actually use the tracker as my home page so I can keep track of everything happening @LISNews.

There are several ways to browse your way around current LISNews Content. You can start with one of the homepages as I mentioned, or you can check out the Topics page: That will list all our many topics. I'm a big fan of lists, the Hall of Fame page at offers a nice way to see what's popular. If you're more interested in older content, going way back to the beginning of LISNews, start over on the Old Stories page at You can find almost every story posted to all 4 versions of LISNews since 1999 when I first started the site.

If you're not into browsing, and you're looking for something in particular, there's a Google Search box down at the bottom of each page, or there's also quite nice Drupal advanced search page here: Drupal offers a couple more interesting ways to search and display stories that I'll be adding sooner or later.

If you're more of a "feed reader" type of person, you're in luck. LISNews has more feeds than you can shake a stick at. Most of them are listed on the Syndication page located here Each one of our topics has it's own feed, as does every user blog. There's also main feed ( There's also quite a few legacy feeds floating around. LISNews way one of the first blogs to have a feed, so I've done my best keep the feed readers full.

If you're cool and trendy (like me) you can even follow LISNews via Twitter!

There's one final way to keep up with what's being posted to LISNews; email. Each day, Monday through Friday I send out a short email with what's new on the site, you can see an example and subscribe at

Next time I'll highlight "Writing" and show you ways you can contribute to LISNews, after all, it's yours!

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