This Week in LibraryBlogLand (November 12, 2007)


This Week in LibraryBlogLand
week ending November 11, 2007

Nicole C. Engard (What I Learned Today) relates a friend's frustration with her local library's catalog. Jon Udell has a conversation with Beth Jefferson about reinventing the library catalog. (Note that he has moved his LibraryLookup bookmarklet generator.)

Discussion at LibraryCrunch) about what library 2.0 is and is not. Joseph Lucia (ngc4lib) has a idea for how libraries could fund collaborative open source development. (via)

Michael Sauers (Travelin' Librarian)) tells a tale of unintended consequences of a library's Flickr account.

Nancy Larrabee (LIScareer) on what she wishes she had learned at library school.

Article in October 1 Criticas about U.S. libraries and anti-immigrant sentiment.

Georgia Harper (©ollectanea) has updated her Copyright Crash Course website.


The to-be-cataloged pile [2] [3].

T-shirt of the week: Library Genius 2.0 (via)


Lori Reed (Library Trainer) has listed the library blogs included in Bloglines' list of Top 1000 Feeds.


Global Research Library summit (October 2007)
- talk by Jon Udell.

Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual 2007 (August 28-September 1)
- Notes from Jeanne Kramer-Smyth (SpellboundBlog)

Internet Librarian 2007 (October 29-31)
- Cool tools for library webmasters.

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I also think it is worth noting the discussion of the identity of the Annoyed Librarian this last week... (see

And just to be clear (ha ha), I am NOT the Annoyed Librarian... see for more info.... :)

But maybe someday we will figure out who is behind the AL!

Thank you! I only hit a small number of blogs this week and I was sure I had missed something important/interesting/fun/odd in my haste--and boy, did I! Thanks for filling in the gaps in my coverage.

(Note to self: remember to read this at dinnertime.)

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