Library Flooded and a "WTF?" Moment

This is one of those stories where I just don't know what to say.

First, a mop falls across a faucet at the Bentonville Public Library and apparently that, in itself, is enough to cause hundreds of gallons of water to flood the janitor's closet, the coffee shop, and the Wal-Mart Meeting Room. I'm no expert on plumbing, but I can do my own and if a dust mop manages to break a faucet like this, something must have been horribly awry.

And speaking of awry, look at that next to the last sentence: "...the janitor's closet, the coffee shop, and the Wal-Mart Meeting Room." Uh, what?

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Two quick comments:

First: Bentonville, Arkansas is the location of Wal-Mart's headquarters. I think it is natural that they would have donated to local organizations in this way, and that a meeting room would be named for the largest business in town. I used to know someone who lived in nearby Rogers, and the impact of Wal-Mart in that area is big.

Second: I don't think it was the strength of the faucet that was at issue... the article stated that it "fell and hit the closet sink, turning on a faucet." Their problem was with their drains.

Great post, especially since events like this can happen to almost any library!

Read other stories on the Bentonville Public Library before you say, "Uh, What?"

The library was built on corporate donations, and everything has a corporate name on it. The large meeting room was built because of a sponsorship by Wal-Mart, so that's why it's called the "Wal-Mart Meeting Room."

It may seem odd to you, but in the land of the world's largest retailer, it's the only way to have public libraries constructed so people can enjoy wonderful educational services for free.

Hey, a kid playing with matches just caused a bunch of houses to burn down in Cali. Things happen.

Love, A Bentonville Resident.

Let's think about it for just a minute, before knee-jerk assuming anything about libraries in Arkansas or anyplace else a little "foreign", ok? Nothing has to be wrong or broken or outright hillbilly (as you seem to imply) for this to happen. The mop fell, it hit a faucet on the way down and turned it on, causing water to flow into a sink in a janitor's closet. The sink is stoppered, or the water coming on seats the stopper in the drain. Since the library is closed, the sink fills, overflows, and floods library, including room sponsored by the area's largest corporation, without anyone there to notice it happening. No mystery, no WTF, other than W(hy)TF do people residing outside the middle of the country love to assume the worst about those who do?

Several things come to mind:

1) I hope to hell the staff isn't paid at Wal-Mart wages, and that they're not required to work off the clock as they make their way out of the library.

2) Do patrons just stand in the middle of the Wal-Mart Meeting Room and refuse to move or make room for anyone else?

3) Do they have door greeters at the entrance to the Wal-Mart Meeting Room?

4) And, finally, do children inexplicably start screaming the minute they enter the Wal-Mart Meeting Room, and, equally inexplicable, stop screaming the moment they leave?

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