Shelfari - Maybe Evil?

Well, this article did come from LibraryThing's blog, so I'm sure there might be some bias, but they are talking about the dubious email-a-friend practices of one of their competitors, Shelfari. Being against accidentally emailing everyone in my entire address book, I think I'll give them a miss. It is, however, also interesting to see LibraryThing's "take" on who their competitors are.


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what Shelfari says

I've been an active member of Shelfari for about 3 months, and only just heard about their "evil spamminess" earlier this week. Of course, I never used their invite-a-friend app, so I wouldn't have been involved in it. For the purpose of balancing the bias of LibraryThing's post with an opposite bias, here's what Shelfari folks are saying on their blog (with a few comments). For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of LibraryThing (joined it a couple of years ago, have never used it beyond a few exploratory logins) -- it just doesn't really suit my purposes. Shelfari has some nice features and a lot of shortcomings (hey! it's in beta) ... I like GoodReads better.
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Clearing the air

Hi Anders,

It is true that there was a pretty big problem with our invitation system, which we fixed last week. I just posted a fairly detailed description of what happened and how it's solved. Take a minute to decide for yourself.



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