How are your books arranged at home?

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I arrange my books by subject.

By fiction or non-fiction, then fiction by nationality. Any non-fiction items with an author represented in the fiction section get transferred there. Because information wants to be together.

The books on the shelves are arranged by subject. The books piled on the floor under the shelves, awaiting promised new shelves are stacked by size, just so the piles don't topple over too easily.

In my home office bookshelves I have two shelves restricted to my 2 all-time favorite authors: Tolkien and LeGuin.

My daughter's books are lucky to make it on her bookshelves, and then she's doing well if the spines are facing out.

On shelves. Mostly. Small bunches of them of them are also arranged in little piles hither and yon.

Save the easily offended: ban everything.

Mostly by author, with a largish collection of Star Trek books at the end.

There is also a pile of anthologies in a hole between authors on one of the shelves.

I had to buy some large plastic boxes to put my non-fiction books in.

I kind of have my books loosely arranged by subject: literature, economics, world history, us. history, design, webdev. Basically I'm going to have to stop buying books -- or get off-site storage.

Comics and non-comics.

My books at home are arranged by spine colour in what my boyfriend jokingly calls the "spectrum method." This works well for me as I'm a visual person and I can now find books far more easily. Wouldn't work at my library though!

They aren't. 800-900 volumes (haven't counted them, either) and there is simply no order to them whatsoever.

I have three arrangements. The ones the 22 month old can reach are all on the floor, the ones he cannot reach are still on the shelves, the ones no one reaches are packed in various boxes.

I have one bookcase devoted to graphic novels and comic trade paperbacks and another bookcase for everything else. The books are arranged by title. This makes more sense for the comics as a series can have multiple authors over its run, this way the stories are shelved together. I think I may need to think of a new way to do the non-comics shelves.

The ones I like best are upstairs where I can get to them easily, arranged vaguely by subject. The Star Trek collection and my favorite books from 20 years ago are on the shelves in the basement. I want them but I don't need them close by to sleep well. My college books that I can't part with are in boxes.

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