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If you have questions, comments or anything else on the new site, please post them below.


How do I write in my "journal" now? It's called a Blog now, and look over on the left side when you login, click on Blog Entry.

ReCAPTCHA is not working. That's not a question, but I turned it off. The key didn't make the move for some reason.

What's with the Orange & Blue? That's how LISNews looked before you were born, it's old school.

Why did my LISNews emails stop? I didn't get that part running yet. Soon.

How do I stop the LISNews emails? Let Me Know

Does my old login work? Probably. If you've logged in recently to the old site, I moved over your account, comments, journals, password and anything else you had over there.


I like it! Easy on the eyes, nicely organized. Thanks!

On a 640x480 (sorry, I mean an 800x600) screen, the navigation on the left runs into the text in the center. Also, the top-of-page title wraps in an unattractive way (the "N" of "News" appears attached to the bottom of the "L" in "LISNews").

See http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y15/yoyology/LISNewsscreenshot640x480.jpg for a screenshot.

Yikes! Even worse. Look at how the comment preview shows up:

Edit: Sorry. I was viewing at 800x600, not 640x480. My mistake. But please note that I'm still seeing left-column encroachment, even at 1024x768! http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y15/yoyology/LISNewsscreenshot1024x768.jpg

"Boys who are into sports tend not to become librarians."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Unshelved 12/4/03

Links in the LISNews.org Daily Headline Mailer are down, can we have a fix please, thx.

I think the 'LISNews - Librarian And Information Science News' title needs to wrap (and centre), at the moment it runs off the right hand edge.

I think you deserve credit for all the work done to the site. But, you won't get any from me, Pinhead.

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