Feedback requested on Church Library Site

I used Blogger to create a quick web site for the parish library I operate on and off.

The site is and I'd appreciate feedback on making it better.

One problem I know I have but can't seem to do much about is that my on-site catalog search cuts off the right hand side of the results. I provided a link to the LibraryThing catalog and I think that people can see enough of the site-based results to tell whether their item has been found.


What a neat idea. Our church has 3 campuses, 2 libraries, and has been promising an on-line catalog for at least 15 years. About 2 years ago the librarian (not me) thought they were so close, she discontinued making cards so now we have nothing to help the user. The volunteers only know how to turn on the lights, shelve and check things out. I often find things for people if I'm in there and hear a question although my knowledge of Dewey is dim. I'll point the librarian in your direction. I don't use library thing and never even thought about it. Very creative. (Although before I suggest it to her I should probably check our cranky website to see if they are already doing it.)

I'm not sure if I have changed some setting that now allows me to edit my template, but if you go in blogger to the template tab, and then choose Edit HTML, find the two lines that say

#sidebar {    width:150px;". 

Change the 150 pixels to whatever width you want. You may also need to subtract width from the main div (set to 430px a few lines above.).

If that doesn't work, you could put the LT search widget in a blog post in the main column. Good luck!

That did the trick! It looks much better now. Now I think I'll move the welcome and circulation policies to links so the latest news can be on the front page.Thanks so much for taking the time to give me a solution to my display problem.

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