Peace in the Middle East?

This reminds me of a period in time when there was hope for peace in the Middle East...may that time come again.

From The Globe and Mail: Thirteen years after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Shimon Peres, at 84, is playing host to Palestinian and UN officials.

Last week, two days after he met with Mr. Fayyad, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported that Mr. Peres, former Prime Minister and now in the previously ceremonial role of President, was shopping a peace plan that would see the Palestinians establish an independent state based on territory equivalent to 100 per cent of the land seized by Israel after the 1967 war. While not entirely new, the plan is nonetheless controversial on both sides of the Green Line because it would see Israel keep three major blocs of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, compensating the Palestinian side by giving up an equal amount of Israeli territory.

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