Feds to assist in MN bridge collapse

It's a tragedy, and it's hit home, in a way...my oldest son just moved to Minneapolis having graduated Carleton College and started his first full-time job in the Cities. Fortunately, neither he nor his girlfriend were nearby at the time of the collapse. Minneapolis is going to need a lot of help to rebuild physically and psychologically...but this article concerns me, particularly based on the current administration's past track record with disaster recovery.

New York Times says Bush will help ("respond and respond robustly"). Wonder who he's gonna send this time, maybe Brownie's available?


"Minneapolis is going to need a lot of help to rebuild physically and psychologically..."

Happiness is not endowed by the government.

thanks Makhno. We could all use some character I suppose and meanwhile, I'll send him some additional thermals.

It's a tragedy regardless of who pays, but it's also a wake-up call for our state governments and the Feds to take care of all those the crumbling infrastructures (bridges, levees, rails, roads, etc.) all over the country. This isn't supposed to happen in the U.S.A.

Ah yes, the GOP convention. Us New Yorkers suffered mightily through it in 2004, and many were arrested for speaking their minds about Mr. Bush and his Agenda. That's when Bloomberg was a Republican. The bottom line of course was that those Republicans didn't leave too much of their moola here in NYC.

I'm glad your son and his girlfriend are safe and sound.
I hope they find the Twin Cities hospitable and to their liking. Since he's already spent time in Northfield, I'm sure he's told you of how truly atrocious our winters can be. I've been told that it builds character, but I don't believe it.

Actually, the GOP convention will be held in the rival twin city of Saint Paul. Minneapolis will be involved due to entertainment facilities, etc. and the mayors of both cities are working in tandem to welcome the GOP. The entire rogues gallery of candidates will be assembled in downtown Saint Paul. Not all the locals are thrilled with the idea. I'd rather be visited by typhoid fever.

No, I don't need anyone bringing us happiness, I just need the pump to Halliburton, etc. cut and the tax dollars I paid diverted to replace the bridge. I know it's asking a lot. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are flying in from Washington for photo-ops.

The GOP convention is going to be there.

I think Minnesota can fix one bridge without the help of the Federal Government. This is not a disaster that is going to seriously tax the city of Minneapolis except for the tragedy of the lives lost and the injured. I am sure the people of Minnesota will rally around the victims and help them.

What do you think that the federal government needs to help with? Because of the political pressure of this disaster I have a feeling that the federal funding for this bridge will be a higher percentage than normal. I would also expect the new bridge to be massively over engineered to make sure there is never a similar incident on this bridge.

I don't think anyone has said anything about the government endowing "happiness". Unless you're refering to a different article, and you'd care to share where you read that?

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