Hilarious ... my blog lives on!

the last time i wrote in this journal was three years ago. in 2004, i was working part-time in the mental health field, going to library school part-time and i was the single mother of a two-year old who couldn't say "mommy".

i wondered if i was going to make it through grad school and i guess i did. LOL

three years later, i'm working full-time as the head librarian of a very small junior college library & learning center. i'm a single mother of a happy, talkative 5-year-old. the little guy can talk a lot now. he can say a lot of things like "mommy ... mommy ... mommy ... mommy" and tell his friends "my mommy's a ribrarian".

now that i'm not in grad school, i don't lie awake in bed thinking of assigned readings for class tomorrow. i lie awake thinking of what resources to add to my collection. i drift off to sleep thinking about WASC accreditation and my brand-spanking new library surveys. i dream about ... *gasp* deselection and dust gathering on unused books.

i'm happy to share that i love being a librarian & i'm still a bubbly book girl. the name stuck even after 6 years ... i was hoping i'd be less "bubbly" after all this time but i guess not!

i'll sign off now. thanks for reading my blog.


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Hmmm... grad school, new job as a librarian, 5 year old.

Bubbly may not fit, try bulletproof.

How wonderful that your hard work and perseverence has paid off. Brava!

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