ALA MW report #3 - candidates

Well, it's only been a couple months--here's my final post on Midwinter. I got to meet a number of the candidates for offices which was a fun new experience. Both candidates for ALA president visited NMRT and IFC meetings to tell us their spiel. Both Jim Rettig and Nancy Davenport seem like excellent people with lots of great ideas, and I really don't feel like we can go wrong with either one of them. Jim has gotten a lot of buzz on the biblioblogosphere as he is a fellow blogger, and he is a former president (I think?) of what was then Junior Members Roundtable. However, Nancy was also pretty impressive--she had well-thought-out ideas for each of the groups I was with on how she could work with us to further our cause or constituency. One really great example of this that she shared at NMRT Exec Board was of combining conference with continuing education short courses offered through local library schools--something that met for a few days with a bit more meat than a preconference, so that it may be easier for people to justify coming to conference from a continuing education standpoint.

I also attended the ACRL candidates forum and again felt like the candidates were pretty evenly matched. From a public speaking standpoint I liked Scott Walters a bit better--he seemed more polished and prepared than Erika Linke. But from the perspective of the ideas presented, both candidates had good ideas and a good sense of what the membership of ACRL could use.


Hi Samantha,I just wanted to pop by and say that I really appreciate your conference posts. I know I don't comment much on your journal, but your efforts give me a wider view of the conference and academic worlds. - Daniel

well, thank you! I mostly just do them to organize my thoughts--we have to do oral conference reports at faculty meetings at my institution, so it's good to help me know what to say. And it's also nice for me to look back and see what I felt was important the last time I was at a conference. Glad they are of use to others as well!

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