ALA-WO lecture in Second Life

Last night I attended my first lecture in Second Life. It was hosted by the ALA Washington Office and featured Dave Lankes presenting on a paper he's written about participatory networks and libraries.

I have dinked around a bit with Second Life in the past and can see that it has some potential. However, I'm not sure that other web conferencing or distance education tools don't work better--the lecture was text, not audio. The slides were a bit hard to read. I didn't realize I could mute side 'conversations' in the chat until the very end, which would have made it more enjoyable of an experience.

However, it did have that cool video-game-like atmosphere going for it and it was completely free, which are two good points. There was a definite collaborative feel to the whole venture that I really liked. It was interesting to feel free to interrupt the presenter at any time to ask questions, or to have the presenter interact as much with the audience as Dave did.

I am hopeful that ALA and other library groups will do more events like this. If only I had more hours in the day to explore all the great 2.0 things out there!


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