Bill Maher on Anna Nicole Smith and prescription drugs

As reported by Terry Armour in the Chicago Tribune: We happened to catch up with Bill Maher on Friday--the day after former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith died in Florida. Maher and other comedians have mined a lot of laughs out of Smith and her status as a self-made celebrity. "I think we should take a moment of silence as comedians and say `Thank you' for this woman because she did give us years and years of material," Maher told us when we caught up with him in Los Angeles.

Then Maher, who begins his fifth season of HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" this Friday, cut through the circus of the wall-to-wall coverage of Smith's death. Not one to shy away from controversial comments, Maher believes Smith's death highlights the serious issue of the dangers of prescription drugs. Police on Friday confiscated different types of medication from Smith's hotel room, but the cause of her death was not yet known.

"If you want to find something in this that's meaningful, it's a good time to make the point that people in this country die from prescription drugs," Maher told Armour & Co. "I think that's what it was. I think that when you're 39 years old and you turn up dead ... it's probably because of drugs. In this country, as long as your name is on the little bottle, you're cool. Marijuana has been tested exhaustively over the last 30 years--just by me. I don't remember anybody ever dying from that. But that's illegal, and whatever she was doing is cool because it's a pharmaceutical drug."


There is no evidence yet that she died of prescription drugs. If she did we would need to ask these questions.

1) Did a doctor proscribe them for a real ailment? If some celebrity doctor gave her some drugs just because she asked for them I don't see how that is the fault of the drugs.

2) Was she taking them as they were supposed to be taken? Was she mixing them with alcohol and other drugs?

So Birdie what is your point? Make Marijuana legal? Ban all prescription drugs? Or is the point that we should listen to comedians whenever policy decisions need to be made?

News worthy commentary to me!Thanks for posting it birdie - I love Bill Maher and forgot his show was starting up again

My point is that of the hundreds of articles that have and will be written about Ms. Smith's demise, this is probably the one with more than a kernel of truth.

In the US, we live in a thriving culture of prescription drugs and taken under the influence or in certain combinations, they can be dangerous and/or deadly. Sure, some comedians have it right, and yeah, some politicians have it wrong.

Dear Anonymous:
Birdie posted this in her journal. As such, newsworthy or not she can post anything she wants. If I were to object about what she was posting I am fairly confident my opinion about her posts would be one of the last she considers.

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