Those Damn Drug Ads


I am constantly thankful that my children are grown and that I don't have to respond to their questions about why you have to "ask your doctor" about miscellaneous and sundry symptoms for unspecified diseases. Any doctor in their right mind having taken an oath to first 'do no harm', any citizen for that matter, should protest the big pharma companies from advertising (DTC)direct to consumer. I don't think any other country allows it (let me know otherwise), and it shouldn't be allowed in the USA. What can be done? Drug companies are saving money by laying off employees to better pay for its absurdly expensive ad slots on network television. Wow, it's gotten to the point where it's almost refreshing to see an ad for soap. This is just sick!

from PR Watch...
A new study "funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and
published in the Jan. 29 Annals of Family Medicine, claims the $4.5
billion" direct-to-consumer drug ad (DTC) industry "produces ads
that are more emotional than informational, and may be convincing
Americans that they're sicker than they really are," reports
Advertising Age. Lead author Dominick Frosch said, "DTC ads send the
message that you need drugs" for problems "that many people used to
manage without prescription drugs." Former Food and Drug
Administration Commissioner Dr. David Kessler warned that
advertising drugs "based on their emotional appeal is something that
has great risks." The study found that 95 percent of DTC ads made
"emotional appeals," 78 percent "implied that use of the medication
would result in social approval," and only 25 percent included
information about illness prevalence

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