Bush Library Will Be Ideological

"So it's a center run by Bush and his associates without regulation--an ideological center to burnish a president's reputation-- does that fit with the academic mission of SMU?"--Benjamin Hufbauer.

In "History vs. Hagiography," Inside Higher Ed observes:

Professors at Southern Methodist University who are worried about plans to create a George W. Bush policy institute there have said that they don't want a partisan center to hurt the institution's academic reputation. SMU officials are now saying that the center will not be part of the university, and will report to the Bush foundation. The question for faculty members is whether this independence insulates the university from a political taint or insulates the institute from academic oversight.

[for more including a copy of Turner's letter see: Librarian].


I'm glad to see that the Bush Library has become a little more controversial and a little less of a plum. I can understand why (finally) these academic institutions are getting a bit nervous about taking the plunge; (nearly) everyone else is concerned about the direction of our country under G.W. Bush's leadership, why shouldn't these Texas colleges be as well?

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