Apple intro's iPhone

Blogging from MacWorld 2007, Ryan Block from Endgadget reports (in detailed fashion) on Steve Jobs' presentation for Apple's new done-in-one product. (fyi: long page, many images, slow loading)


I didn't expect much from this phone, but WOW, it really *looks* quite amazing.

Yeah, I'm impressed so far. I've managed to hold out on getting a cell phone, I despise them. I've been mulling over upgrading my palm but I also want an iPod, and yes I probably do need a cell phone. Whether this can replace my palm I don't know yet but it looks like there's potential. If so I'm probably in.

I've been looking at upgrading to a smartphone, but I am totally going to wait for this puppy.


You guys read that whole thing?

I don't like mobile phones except when I need to call 911 (for me that is at least monthly). I have a radio in the car that is free.

I fail to grasp the point of the thing. I already own an appliance that plays music (several really), something that plays movies (several of those too) and a freaking Crackberry that work makes me carry (and pays for) that gets phone calls and email. What good would a ipod/phone thingy do?

I'd rather spend the cash on beer.

I don't like or own a mobile phone either, I think they've advanced the art of rudeness by light years. But they can come in handy, especially when traveling and occasionally when I'm trying to repair a computer and need to call a support line.

I don't own a portable device that plays music or a Crackberry, I do own a Palm that carries tech support documents and logins and passwords. The iPhone would be the best of all worlds.

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