Twelve Items or Less

Just got wind of the painting by Kate Kretz of Angelina Jolie posed as the Madonna holding her children and waiting at a cashiers line at Wal-Mart. Description and photo of this art as social commentary from PugBus (and the NYT w/o photos).

Here's the artist's website.


You gotcha Dr. Phil being holier-than-thou.

You gotcha craptastic artist asking $50K for a black velvet Elvis, albeit different subject and different medium.

And you have a talented actress, politically aware woman and apparently devoted mother who has the good sense to stay away from "Lower wages and benefits. Always" and not want her image associated with it--but has made unusual life choices in the past, which apparently makes her fair game for any quack wanting to put her down.

Other than wanting to suggest where Dr. Phil should place his opinions, I think Jolie has a reasonable claim on "right of publicity" grounds--living celebrities do have some say in how their images are used and abused. (Living non-celebrities have even more say.)

Maybe the "artist" should go back to "psychological clothing," whatever that might be.

Sorry but I am missing the deeper meaning on this one. What point are we supposed to be gleaning from this painting?

If you want real Birdie style social commentary on Walmart take a look at this.

::shrug::I could've sworn we were all in agreement she was a skank anyways. And this painting doesn't have enough boobies anyways.

I like boobies but I don't really like Wal*mart. I like inexpensive things, but Wal*mart quality is a bit lacking for me. The people that go to the Wal*Marts in Florida creep me out (I did buy some gloves at the one on Transit Road in Buffalo last year that was not too bad.)

Madonna, Wal*Mart, clouds, skanky actresses... I didn't know people still did acid.

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