Independent America

A great six-minute trailer and more information on the indie documentary "Independent America" based on two journalists trip across the U.S. using only secondary highways and only patronizing mom & pop stores. See America Walmart, no Starbucks, no Best Western, no Borders, etc. You might want to purchase the DVD for your library.


>You might want to purchase the DVD for your library.Only if they sell it at Walmart.

I see the film makers have an SUV. Guess if you go off the Interstate you have to have four wheel drive. There is no way that a standard car go go off the Interstate. You must have a gas guzzling SUV if we want to be a liberal bitching about Walmart and Starbucks.

Have fun at Walmart anon.

Hm, maybe we shoulda done a little liberal bitching before we lost so many innocent lives in Iraq.

Maybe you should have. If so many liberal hypocrites weren't driving SUVs maybe we wouldn't be invading oil rich nations. This from a conservative that is also an environmentalist and drives a Honda Civic.

Anon - I hate SUVs, have never owned or driven one and take the subway in NYC. Neither am I attempting to hide my identity.

Birdie you are not in the library field. Just a comment, no disrespect meant by that. My open minded non-censorship colleagues unfortunately will refuse to hire me for certain library jobs if I express unpopular political opinions.
  At least unpopular among this largely liberal profession. It is a shame because many issues are complicated and it is hard to say what camp they should go into.In regards to the very first comment I made you immediately jumped to Iraq. Just because I shop at Walmart does not mean I necessarily support Bush. Yet because I took a pro-Walmart stance it was assumed that I must support the war in Iraq. So what is my stance on Iraq? I had no problem taking Hussein out of power. When Bush did the "mission accomplished" scene on the deck of the aircraft carrier he was right in one regard. The "war" was over. We had complete military control of the country. I think at that point we had two options that I would have agreed with. Pull out immediately and let the Iraqis run their own country or try to stabilize the country but have a very specific detailed plan that is communicated both to the American people and more imporatntly to the Iraqis. Iraqis should have been given more voice on how to proceed once Hussein was out of power. Then they would have more stake in what was going on because they made the decision. Of course, this is all complicated because you also had terrorist actions from Al Quaeda happening that also factories into the mix.Serious questions Birdie. Once we went into Iraq and took out Hussein their is no way to put the toothpaste back into the tube. At that point in time if the U.S. had pulled out and Iraq had turned into a real civil war with massive bloodshed as Iraqis killed each other what would you have had the U.S. do? Intervene, which is what we are doing right now and you don't seem happy with that or pull out and sit back and watch the bloodshed. Please don't counter with the argument that we should have not gone into Iraq at all. We did and there is no way to go back in time.

Interesting. The company could not make a committment to "greenness" without putting some money into it, and I don't think that they're willing to spend their hard-earned money that way. Of course any improvements they make to benefit the work force and to our planet are welcome. They've already created so many problems with environmental issues that they'd have to undo what they've done (break up parking lots, etc.) to make a difference though. And they'll never get mom and pop back in their beloved little shops.

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